Thursday, March 15, 2018

The End of an Era!

Well life has gotten in the way and I think it is time to let this blog go as I don't seem to find the time to update it like I should!  Thanks to everyone for checking in on these three cuties :)  Can't believe how time flies and how big they've gotten!  I'll  leave you with one last photo of our latest trip to Disneyland!!  Here's to more fun trips to come!!  xoxo   -The Winklers

Monday, August 14, 2017

A day trip to the river!
Fun with cousins :) 
Rachel got a new desk!! 
And a new backpack as hers was falling apart!
Cousin Lillie's graduation party!! The Wheeler/Winkler bunch :) 
New swim gear from pop and gram! 
Summer means lots of pool time!! :) 
More glam from pop and gram for the 4th of July!! 
We all got new festive outfits too! :)
Waiting for the parade to start!
Parade time! 
Popsicle weather with fourth of July popsicles! 
A little story time fun :P
Daddy/Emily cooking day :)  Corn chowder was DELISH! 
Emily and Rachel got to go to the science museum with
summer camp!  Here was her lunch bag to celebrate :)
Those dimples! :)
Our piano teacher has two cats that keep us busy
while we wait our turn! 
Sometimes the kitties don't wait their turn :P 
I was able to get a couple clips of them playing!
We just told them we'll be headed to Disneyland in February!!!
They're just a tad excited :)  Let the countdown begin!

Friday, June 2, 2017

Spring Soccer Fun!!!
Easter egg hunt! 
And with the loot :) 
Fun mail from pop and gram :) 
School Carnival!!  Face painted and all :) 
A visit from Grammy! 
Girls outing to Pinkalicious the Musical! :) 
Shortly after the girls had to put on their own play :) 
Rachel's 1st grade music concert! 
Her devoted fans ;) 
Random cuteness! 
Morning park fun! 
All cleaned up :)